About The Website


Working a guide dog, Long Island NY

I have a vision for The Dog Training Website to be an immense resource for dog owners, trainers, professionals and more. My goal is to provide sound, relevant information about dog training, behavior, culture, and general life with dogs.

As an active, busy dog owner myself, I recognize that it can be difficult to find time to attend training classes with your dog. Since recently moving to a small town, I’ve also come to realize that for a huge portion of dog owners living in rural areas, finding a training class or even a good private lessons trainer in their hometown can be next to impossible. The Dog Training Website was established to fill this gap in the availability of dog training resources to ALL families. We will never claim to be able to substitute for in-person lessons with a trainer or behaviorist to solve serious behavioral issues, such as aggression – we encourage you to see out an experienced professional for these situations. However, for basic obedience, puppy training, potty training, tricks, introductory dog sports, and minor behavioral annoyances, our content can help you get on the right track.


Sookie earning her therapy dog certification.

The Dog Training Website will eventually provide both free and for-fee content. Please “follow” our blog to stay up-to-date on our latest free content and course offerings. As the website continues to grow, feel free to reach out and offer suggestions, critique, or just plain old encouragement! This community will only become stronger and more active through engagement from committed pet owners and dog enthusiasts like yourself!

The Face Behind the Screen

When I first became involved with the pet industry 10 years ago, my only knowledge of dogs was having had a few farm dogs while growing up. I began working as a kennel technician at an animal hospital at the age of 18, and soon began volunteering with the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind (GDF). While in college at the University of Georgia, I worked as an apprentice with a professional dog trainer. After graduation I opened a dog training business of my own. These experiences set me on a path to learning that has shaped my career choices and ultimately led me to pursue dog training as a lifelong passion.


Shooter, showing off his UKC Total Dog award, among others. 

I participate in various dog sports ranging from competitive obedience to field trials, and from lure coursing to dock diving, with my two Standard Poodles: Sookie and Shooter. They have both achieved CGC titles from the American Kennel Club, and Sookie is a certified therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International.

In addition to being a canine professional, I am an avid hiker and adventurer. My dogs are well-trained trail dogs and regularly accompany me on adventures such as backpacking and kayaking. I’m a strong believer in doing more with your dog, and a well trained dog is always more enjoyable to be around.